72 arrests result from New Year’s DUI blitz | ksl.com

72 arrests result from New Year’s DUI blitz | ksl.com.

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DUI Tips in Utah – Arnold & Wadsworth

After being released from an embarrassing and frightening journey through the DUI arrest process you need to be prepared to take IMMEDIATE action. Being aware of the steps to take as soon as you are released from jail will ensure that your rights are upheld you can beat the DUI charge. IMMEDIATE ACTION is necessary; you must be proactive because the court system just sees you as another, “criminal”. Three things YOU HAVE TO DO RIGHT AWAY is to gather evidence about the arrest, contact a DUI attorney, and request a DMV hearing!

DUI Tip: WRITE DOWN EVERY DETAIL that you remember about the time of your arrest and prior to the incident. The more notes that you take about the time of your arrest the easier it will be to fight the DUI charge. Answer questions such as: Where were you before you drove the vehicle and what were you doing? Did you drink alcohol, and if so, how much? How long after you consumed alcohol were you pulled over? How did the officer behave? Were you given instructions and read your Miranda rights? It’s important to write down everything you think of, even if it does not strike you as important. Special circumstances occur and a good DUI attorney knows information about the process, breathalyzers, and rights that a person in the general public is unaware of.

DUI Tip: THE DMV HEARING REQUEST. Upon arrest there are 2 cases which you need to fight: The DMV case which is a civil proceeding and the court case, which is a criminal proceeding. These 2 cases are mutually exclusive, so the outcome of one does not affect the outcome of another. You will receive an arraignment for your court case, but it’s up to you to initiate the DMV hearing, or else your license will be suspended automatically, whether or not you are actually guilty. You MUST be aware of your responsibility to request a hearing. You must contact the DMV within 10 days of your arrest to demand a hearing. Otherwise, you forfeit your right to a hearing and your

Utah DUI Lawyers – Arnold & Wadsworth

1. Behave Innocent & Safe

When a Utah DUI cop stops your vehicle, take a deep breath. Naturally attempt to demonstrate to the cop that there is no problem and that nothing is wrong. Calmly behave nonthreateningly. Stop as soon as possible. Pull over and lawfully park in a safe location. Put your vehicle’s overhead lights in the car if it’s nighttime. Gently place your hands on the vehicle’s wheel so the cop can clearly see both hands. Put your window about halfway, although some attorneys say all the way down and a number of lawyers suggest just to crack the window. In any event, try to relax. Deep breaths.

2. Honestly Answer initial Questions but do not Offer Information

Salt Lake City cops are banking that you will do their job of leading to a DUI arrest by saying something borderline-stupid or just admitting to something you don’t have to. Either way, avoid saying the wrong thing. Believe you have done nothing wrong. Think the cop is just curious and earning his pay. Never admit to doing anything wrong or having done anything criminal! Initially answer the cop’s questions honestly without revealing much information.

Remember at any time your right to remain silent, depending on the questions, answers and the cop’s responses. You really only have to give your license, registration and insurance if you encounter a cop after driving.

3. Politely Exercise Your Rights

Prior to arresting you for a Utah DUI, a Salt Lake City area cop will want to have you blow in a hand-held breath test estimator gadget or maybe even look in your vehicle for contraband or evidence. You do not have to let the cop search your vehicle. If the cop arrests you for DUI, tell the cop you do not wish to answer any questions unless you have a Arnold & Wadsworth – DUI criminal defense lawyer there with you.

The less information which helps the Salt Lake City DUI cop convict you, the better. Less is better for you. That less is better does not always apply. So if you gave more than you had to, you will need the help of an experienced attorney even more, at both court and DMV.

If you are not sure you have an alcohol problem, check out the video clips in this Salt Lake City DUI Lawyer‘s latest blog.

Salt Lake City DUI Lawyer – Arnold & Wadsworth

Should you be stuck in situation wherein you are being suspected for drunk driving or DUI (driving under the influence), you must not make any delay in summoning a Utah DUI lawyer by your side. Keep in mind that drunk driving or DUI is a serious offense that carries serious penalties, and it is not advisable to represent yourself even if you are knowledgeable about the law. With a DUI lawyer by your side, not only can the penalties charged against you be kept to a minimum, the case can also be completely be dropped and you walk out a free man. Since your lawyer is well aware of the law about drunk driving, he knows exactly what he needs to do to save you from serving time in jail and getting your license suspended. Your lawyers may also find loopholes on the way police officers conducted the arrest or investigation and this can instantly be a way to turn things in your favor.

Breathalyzers Fail Legitimacy Test

Breathalyzers Fail Legitimacy Test.

There are some great articles on this website. This is just one reason why you can see it is important to hire an attorney if you have been arrested with a DUI. DUI arrests are up and some suspect that this is because justice courts are trying to raise revenue for the local cities. Did you know that your fines can reach an excess of $1,900?? Yes that is true.

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Underage DUI in Utah – Arnold & Wadsworth

Are you under 21 and been charged with a DUI? Underage DUI laws in Utah can be very strict. It is important that you have an attorney to represent you in your case if you have been arrested for a DUI. Being arrested for an underage DUI can be very stressful and you need someone on your side. We offer a free consultation in order for you to get some information and help at no cost. We have had a lot of clients that have come into our office under a lot of stress and end up leaving feeling like they have someone on their side.

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